About us

We help simplify transcription, so you can make better decisions, and do great work.
Our vision is that Go Transcribe becomes the go-to transcription platform for all organisations.

Go Transcribe is a cloud-based transcription platform that helps individuals and teams organise audio and video transcripts. With Go Transcribe, lawyers, journalists, media, can record, edit and share valuable information hidden within transcriptions.

We believe that every single organisation conducts meetings and to get the best value out of them they should be recorded, searchable and most importantly shared to get the best value out of those meetings.

Want to chat? Just drop us an email at info@go-transcribe.com or drop me a message on LinkedIn.

Our Location

We are located in Greater London, United Kingdom. Just a short bike ride away from the iconic Wembley Stadium.
19 - 21 Westfield Lane
Harrow, London
United Kingdom
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19 - 21 Westfield Lane, London HA3 9ED, United Kingdom

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