Convert MP3 to Text

Have a MP3 recording that you need to convert into text? Go Transcribe provides an automated way to transcribe MP3 to text with results back in minutes.

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How to convert MP3 to text?

  1. Upload your MP3 to our secure cloud-based servers
  2. We convert your MP3 file to text using the latest automated transcription technology
  3. Edit and perfect the transcription in minutes using our online editor
  4. Share and export your transcript into a variety of formats:
    • Word (.doc)
    • PDF
    • Txt
    • Avid DS
    • SubRip
    • WebVTT
  5. That's it! You have successfully converted your MP3 file into a text file
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Ensuring accuracy for automatically transcribing MP3 into text

Just like converting any audio into text, there are a few tips to follow to get the best results:
  • Ensure that speakers are not talking over each other and that the recording device is close to the person speaking.
  • Try to reduce background noise
  • Try to eliminate any static or echo

How long does it take to convert MP3 to Text?

It normally takes less time than the duration of the MP3 file. For example, if your MP3 file is 1 hour long, Go Transcribe will take less than 1 hour to transcribe it.

Can you convert MP3 to subtitles?

Absolutely! Once the MP3 transcription is complete, select export on the editor menu, then select either SubRip (.srt) or WebVTT (.vtt) from the dropdown menu. You can also adjust the time and character length for each subtitle.

Is there any file size limits for MP3 files?

There is no set limit although we recommend uploading MP3 files that are smaller than 4GB

How accurate is converting MP3 to Text?

We use the latest Automatic Speech Recognition Technology (ASR) to transcribe speech to text. The quality of the MP3 transcription depends heavily on the quality of the audio or video uploaded. You won't find a more accurate transcription service.

Convert MP3 to Text
5 star review

This has got to be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to create transcriptions. I work in the retail industry and this makes writing meeting minutes so much easier. A big fan!

Scott Jacobs
5 star review

Great! Easy to use and user-friendly interface made it straightforward for a non-tech person like me to use. The results were not 100% accurate but it transcribed interviews pretty well. I am surprised how accurate the software is with different accents. It is so productive to use a tool like this.

5 star review

The program is extremely user friendly right out of the gate, I didn't really have to read through the manual - the program and process made sense. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to transcribe a digital recording to text with all of the noise and different accents inherent in a recording. For the most part, I it transcribes correctly at a 70-80% ratio which still requires me to listen to the recording after I have exported to a word doc to correct any mistakes on the transcription. Once in a while, a host or group of words are missed completely on the transcription, but other than that, extremely pleased.

Deborah Teixeira
5 star review

Go Transcribe saved me a lot of time with transcribing. I started transcribing from scratch and it was taking me forever. I used Go Transcribe to make the initial transcription and it was much easier to read through it while listening to the audio and just fixing what it didn't get right. The accuracy overall was quite good, although there were some mistakes that made me laugh! Not a problem at all. One of the transcripts was almost perfect and it was so fast to review it. Thank you very much! I'll certainly recommend it and use it again.

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