Get more work done in less time

Simply upload an audio file onto our platform using any device and we transcribe it automatically into a document for you.

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Fast text based editing

Use our online editor to review the transcription. Playback the original file and jump to specific parts of the audio by clicking on words on the transcription. Our unique editor allows you search your audio and make amendments to the transcription where required.

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Manage your transcriptions

Download your transcription to several popular formats including Microsoft Word and PDF. With our advanced packages, you can assign transcriptions to your assistants for them to review and amend.

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How it works



Record your voice on any device, and upload onto our cloud based service.


We convert your file into text using the latest automated transcription technology.


Make any changes using our online editor and export the transcript into a range of formats.

Take time control of your time, spend more time on more important activities and leave the transcribing to us.

Get meeting minutes automatically converted into text without having to write long notes.

No need to spend money on recording devices. Use your mobile phone or any pre-existing dictation products to record your audio.

Upload your file onto our cloud based service from any devices including mobile phones and Tablets.

You can work from anywhere at any time making it easy and convenient for you with no complicated software to install.

Receive the text file within minutes of uploading to help get the most out of your time.

Download transcriptions into a range of formats including support for subtitles (SubRip - SRT)

Always have the latest version of the product at no extra cost.

Find your perfect fit

All plans come with email support. Cancel at any time. Sign up and receive a free trial

Pay as you go

$12 / min
  • Pay by the hour
  • Top up the account when you need more, pay for what you need
  • Supports only one user
  • Record using any device


$36 / Month
  • $9 / hour
  • Includes 4 hours a month
  • Any unused minutes roll over one month
  • Supports only one user
  • Record using any device


$90 / Month
  • $8 / hour
  • Includes 10 hours a month.
  • Any unused minutes roll over one month
  • Record using any device
  • Centralised billing
  • Supports multiple users

Not sure what plan suits you best, have a look at the F.A.Q below or contact us at


Common questions about our service

What is automated transcription?

Automated transcription is a way of saving time by automatically converting speech to text using software. It's not as perfect as a human but it's a lot faster and cheaper!

How long am I tied to a contract?

When you subscribe to a plan you can cancel the plan at any time or simply change plans if you feel that it is not the right plan for you.

How long does the transcription take?

Once you have uploaded your files, you will receive your transcription within minutes. In general the shorter the audio or video file, the quicker you will receive the transcription.

What languages can we transcribe?

We are able to transcribe files in English (British, North American, and Australian dialects), French, Spanish, Japanese, Finnish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Korean, Greek, Danish and Italian.

How secure is the payment process?

We use a secure payment provider Stripe Payments Europe Ltd. All sensitive payment data transmissions are handled via their secured services. We do not store any payment information.

Is my data safe with Go Transcribe?

All data is handled with the highest security. We have safeguard procedures in place to prevent unauthorised access to data. We do not sell any data to third parties. You can view our privacy policy here.

How accurate is the transcription?

While there have been substantial advances in artificial intelligence, the transcription is not perfect. We provide a useful online editor to adjust the transcript.

How do I contact you?

You can email us at and we will be happy to help.